Big Bear Pickleball Club

Club Play: Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, 8am - 12pm, April 1st to October 31st, at The Ranch


(1) $20 per player per season, payable to "Big Bear Pickleball Club" and

(2) A signed Big Bear Valley Recreation & Park District Waiver (download here or available at the courts)

Big Bear Pickleball - Places to Play

The Ranch

4 outdoor courts w/ permanent nets, balls provided to club members. Club Play April 1 - October 31, M-W-Sa 8-12 ($3/day or $20/season). Open play all other times. Closes with meaningful snow.

Meadow Park

4 outdoor courts w/ permanent nets, open play all the time. Closes with meaningful snow.

Miller Park (Out of Use)

2 outdoor courts, one w/ tennis net, and one bring-your-own net court - out of use due to poor condition.

Meadow Park Gym (Winter Only)

2 indoor courts w/ temporary nets; indoor play begins after there is meaningful snow and P&R closes the outdoor courts. Email for schedule & fees.

Upcoming Events

Board of Directors

Ken Begley, President

Will Rahill, Vice President

Monique Sannes, Treasurer

Cheryl Brown, Secretary

Open, Events

Some Significant Rule Changes for 2024

Correcting Server, Receiver and Player Position Errors (4.B.9): Faults for incorrect server, incorrect receiver and player position errors are eliminated. The referee will now correct any such player errors before calling the score. Rule 4.B.9 is the primary rule text. Several other rules have been modified or deleted to correlate with this change. 

The Most Argued Rule - When Can You be in the Kitchen?

Non-Volley Zone (taken verbatim from the official rules summary)